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Friday, January 15, 2010

Festiven Engenius

I'm one of the committe member for this FESTIVEN
this even was so great
starting from last 12 Jan 2010 till 18 jan 2010
many interesting xtvt will be held

As a member of Engenius under Welfare
i'm involved in the opening ceremony and closing ceremony

this is my name tag!!
you know what??
i am the person in charge to prepare this name tag
and i hope that all welfare members are satisfied with my work
actually, munie just edit and insert their name jer
because the mastercopy is given to me my Bros Amsyar

 cun x??


at the entrance of AMF


hepi after the very successive opening ceremony


the opening was successfully running as in the plan

walaupun ada bbrapa kekurangan =(

event yg spatotnya start pkul 9.00
pkul 9.30 bru abeh..
tpi seb bek ar kol 11.30 dah habeh

sorry ar kat sapa2 yg terpaksa berdiri tuh
kmi mmg x sgka gla
ramai plak nak mai dgr talk n Capoeira show tuh
 and the gimmick pown kira mmg tip top arghhhh
credit to K.I

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