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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bangga diri 5saat

Kadang-kadang aku pelik tambah musykil dengan diri ni.

To make it short.
Sabtu yang lepas ada exam study circle pagi.
Memang la tak setadi teqa mana pon..
Tapi berehat lama gila kot!
Sumpah bangga gila dengan diri ni.
Seusai exam, tengok Avengers kat KLCC.
Sumpah tu first time pi KLCC sepangjang 2sem kat Gombak ni.
Dan sumpah jugak tu first time tengok wayang time degree ni.
The next sumpah is, sumpah 1st time jejak kaki kat Pavi.
First time makan makanan pelik2..
First time lalu terowong dari KLCC ke Pavi.
First time jalan2 malam kat KL.
Semua first time kot, KAU ADERR?
Laaaa.. laqii tajuk dah ni..

Kadang-kadang aku pelik tambah musykil dengan diri ni... 
Pelik sebab mampu tidoq sepanjang waktu..
Pelik sebab tak study bila nak final...
Pelik sebab tadak perasaan dekat bukubuku....
Pelik sebab malaih teqok....
Pelik sebab mati kutu yg teramat..kutu pon tak mati laguni..
Dan lagi pelik sebab tak rasa bersalah...
Bertambah pelik bila mampu tidoq lagi...
Ditambah-tambah pelik bila mampu update blog ni..


Sudahlah Munie.. jangan nak WEIRD sangatlaaa..
WEIRD pelik sangat dah ni..
dah... dah...

Doa yang dibaca oleh Nabi Muhammad sollaLlahu 'alaihi wasallam apabila tiba bulan Rejab.

# Walaupun hadith ini berstatus dhaif, tapi para ulama membenarkan beramal dengan hadis dhaif dalam perkara fadhail 'amal (iaitu kelebihan amalan, bukan untuk dijadikan hujjah dalam persoalan hukum) dengan syarat hadith itu tidak maudhu' (palsu) atau bersangatan dhaifnya. Wallahu'alam.
Salam Rejab semua :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Facebook takleh update, like or comment!
Memang dia suruh setadi ja time-time exam cenggini..

Dah lepas dua paper dari lapan subjek..

Esok lagi satu.
Study circle.. sounds easy rite?
Study untuk circle-kan jawapan.
Nak lagi mudah? baling dadu ja.

Maka selepas itu bermulalah matapelajaran pembunuh.
Calculus 2

Jom study!

Friday, May 11, 2012

They said life is about learning.

Twenty-twelve gonna be the most highlighted year in my timeline. Giving the chances to serve for the community through COMRADE IIUM was like a dream came true. Yes, this is my first time being a facilitator .

Facilitator is someone  who helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan to achieve them without taking a particular position in the discussion. Sounds hard right? But then, I still managed to pass through this 3 days 2 nights program successfully.

4th May 2012

There's about 45 facilitators including committees involved in this Academic Motivational Clinic (AMC). This program was held at Asrama SMK Ulu Kinta Perak from 4th to 6th May 2012. With the theme of 'Kaulah Permataku' , this program had achieved their objectives and targets successfully. Three days was enough for us to get nearer and touched 120 hearts of the students. 

The story begun here. We left the lovely IIUM at about 3.00 pm and safely arrived SMK Ulu Kinta at 8.30 pm. Along the 5 hours journey, I've been so excited to face all the Orang Asli student.  After a short rest, all of us gathered in the hall for the welcoming greeting by the warden and teachers. Next, all the students were divided to 15 groups according to the color of their tag. Each group was lead with two or three facilitators. For the first time we got to know each other through the taa'ruf session.  At 12.00 am the students went to their hostel and facilitator got to gather for tomorrow's short briefing. After supper, all of us dispersed.

5th May 2012

I've waked up at 5.30am this morning with Sis Ira. We both secretly go to the washroom so that we don't have to compete with others. After the congregational Subuh prayer and short tazkirah, all the students and facilitators were gathered at the field for some exercise till 8.00 am. We had our breakfast in the dining hall. And this make me miss the hostel life.

The next session entitled Mutual Potential and Confident begun at 8.30 am. During this session, each group were given a piece of paper and they need to sketch their own dream land. From here, we can see how good they are in planning and teamwork. After finished presenting their land, all of us were given a tea break.

Next was Egg Dropping session. I've found out that this session was so fun and exciting as each group need to used any unwanted things to protect their egg. The egg will be throw from level 1. If their egg was broken, they will be terminated.  This session finished at 12.30pm. 

After having our lunch and Zohor prayer in congregational, we continue our slot entitled Adam and Hawa session. For this part, sisters and brothers were separated to discuss about some matters.

At 4.30pm we dispersed for tea break. Next, we sit in group and get prepare for educational night performance. For the performance, we need to do any performance based on Science Textbook.

The performance start at 9.00 pm.

To be continue, don't have enough sugar tonight ;)