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Friday, January 8, 2010

eXpeCt tHe uNexPecTed

Salam hijrah + salam kerinduan kpada Mr. Belogku
Sribu kemaafan kpada Mr. Belog sbb dah berhabuk + bersawang,
so, hri ni munie nak wat gotong-royong perdana..
so many things + POV to be get rid out of my mind

Hari ni 08.01.2010 bersamaan dengan hari Jumaat
Hari ni juga Burfday one of my best friends forever
Happy Birthday to my laf Siti Shahbinat Bt Mad Derisah
Binat, sorry this year i did give tou nothing..
hehehehee... really hopes that we could have a date
and at that moment I'll gve you the present..
Munie tried to kol u laz nite but no answer..
(sedehnyar x dpt wish lgi)
hermmm,,, perhaps it's too late, or u're 'gayoting' with ur Pak Ca...


:. The Things That I Enjoyed Most On 2009 But When I Think Back About Them, I Have To Avoid Doing That Things On The Next Coming Seconds .: 

    Being selected to be the National Service trainer is the most think that I'm very thankful + excited... Thanks God..
In addition, the experience, the person + the memorial gained at there was so unforgetable and can't be gained any placed..
But, being there for almost 3 month had make me learn so, so many things
  •         Learn how to build up my character,
  •         Learn how to care about others, not be selfish
  •         Learn how to deal with outsiders especially guys
  •         Learn how to behave myself...and etc..
    One for sure, I had enjoy the most at there till I forgot the "BATAS2 PERGAULAN"
  •         Maen sepak2  balak org sesuki hati (Angah + Abang )
  •         Biar ketua platun ( Achik ) ikat tali spike boot munie.. (gediknya munie rsa tme tu)
  •         Makan semeja ngan wira2 yg botak
  •         Merelakan diri untuk masuk Persembahan Malam Penutup
  •         Praktis  twist ngan Syawal
  •         Menjadi pasangan Youn time persembahan
  •         Menyahut cabaran untuk tarik Komandan kem twist dgn munie (mmg x sangka gla).. involuntary actionkah??
  •         Maen volleyball ngan team wira2 botak
  •         Aktif terlebey time klaz CB
  •         Menari2 + nyanyi2 + bising2 dgn geng2 munie
  •         Makan megi dgn Geng 13 kat tgh padang kawad
  •         Suka cari pasal dgn wira2 botak
  •         Ayat munie kat kem " Apa tgk2? X puas ati, habaq ar.. Ank igt munie brani? munie takot ni..."
  •         Amek pict dgn CO, Faizul aka hero gadis2.. ( pict 1st munie ngan boyz)
  •         Berdealing ngan wira2 botak byk sgt
  •         Memalukan dri munie sdiri time reunion 1st Kompeni BRAVO kat Pacific dgn maen sepak2 dgn depa and maen aci ligan kat pacific.. ish3...
  •         In a nutshell, so many-many weirds and unexpected things I had done..
  •         Ya Allah, Kau ampunkanlah segala dosa2ku ini...

    The SPM results,, none can I say about this... Alhamdulillah... I've never dream to go this far... so happy.. But, I know that I'd ruin my abah dreams.... Sorry abah...

    Travelling alone from Alor Star to Melaka in the mid nite had trained me a lot on how to be independence... Somehow, I still thinking how i can made the decision to attend the UPNM interview at Kem Terendak, Melaka in just 2 hours... Troubling my abah wif the medical check up, thingy to bring along and the transportation... hermmm.. sorry abah, cek cuma nak sangat2 masok UPNM... By the way, a lot of tenkiu to Faizul, CO at PLKN for taking the responsibilities to take care of me...
    But as you know, I'd failed that damnly hard + tough interview, seriously munie don't know what to feel, what to do when knowing that my backbone curved.. nak kata munie sedih pown x sgt... apa erk?? ntah lar.. HATI KERING kowt... But now, I started to regret.. Awat lar munie x buat apa2 time doc tu ckp.. at least munie kata lar yg munie nak sgt2 msok UPNM ka apa ka, sbb ada jar org laen yg tulang bengkok jga tpi still lulus.. LET BY GONE BE GONE lar munie oiiii...
    Tapi, skrg ni munie still tertanya2.. munie ni saket apa erk??? sbb tme interview tu, doc tu x ckp plak pnyakit munie yg sbnr2nya... doc tu just ckp yg munie ni saket saja_bkn yg backbone tu, tapi saket laen, saket yang mcm serius...
    What can I conclude from the 5 days 4 night honeymoon at Kem Terendak is
  •         Speak out what's in your mind if you think possible for your good
  •         Don't try pretending that you are brave enough to face all the obstacles alone

    Every single things that happen have it's own reason... Maybe it's not our dream, Maybe this is not the way we wish it to be, Maybe our goal is not aimed to be setting likes this... But this is what we call, We can only planned, Allah will decides... He knows the best for us... Being selected to continuing my studies doing Foundation of Engineering at this Islamic environment, CFSIIUM is not my dream at all... But I know that this is the best place for me..
    This CFSIIUM was so great, but me,,,, still finding the real one MUNIEROH BINTI OSMAN.. obtained a very BAD CGPA for my 1st sem had affect a lot my life... But as usual, I'm always the lucky one... Thank God i'm not in the group of the engin student to be transferred to ICT although my CGPA is low... hermmm...
  •         Try doing better or maybe the best for this sem!!!!
  •         Maybe by ignoring all the thingy2 matter....
  •         Try not to just follow the flow..
  •         Will control my outing time in order to keep my finance and my abah money from being finished before the due...

In addition :

  •     Is it great to knows that you're actually 'lembut' , 'manja' from strangers??
  •     Munie felt so uneasy if they said so..
  •     arghhhhh...
  •     Have to be more behave!!
  •     Not to simply messaging boyz anymore!! (wish it so much!!)
  •     please lar...
  •     I wish that i will not be "that type"!!


    I'm always the losers before the match!!!
        I'm always the one that acted naturally without thinking about others..
    Still trying not to be hypocrite and not to be the real me...
        Not to changed people around me as I wish or as my style but trying to adapt with their ways and their styles...
    Cannot be sure of my understanding without a lot of practise!
        Be matured but not too matured, nnti x comey plak.. ngeh3..

  •     Is it a must to have a special boyfriend??
  •         Am I weird if I'm pretend not to have a feeling toward THEM??
  •     I only wish that I won't hurt anyone...
  •         I only wish that I will not loved my SBF to be so much because I'm afraid that he (to be) will hurt me, will left me..
  •     I wish that all the guys outside there will treat me as their FRENZ not as PEREMPUAN... ( really??)
  •         Till this moment, me, myself still don't undestand my own heart...

And now I started to laugh loudly!!!
hak3... ( smpai guling2 dah ni )
And you too can do the same thing if you really knows me..
I am talking about my heart lar..... The things that I always left behind without my intention...
( intention tu apa erk?)

p/s : Munie berdoa sgt2 agar Munie x ulang balek sgala kekhilafan Munie ni... Ampa pown doa lar kat Munie sama na..

    currently, missing my ABAH and MAK so much... still home sick neyh.. but will keep not to act like it!!

                             :.__SUARA AKU BERHARAP__.:

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