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Monday, October 10, 2011



Maybe this is the first and the last time wearing this lovely uniform.
I've decided to QUIT after a deep thingking of why I can't 'jatuh' properly.

It's seems that I can't stand straight properly anymore.

Dear silat,
you know how I wish to wear those red belt?
you know how I dream on it?

I will miss those memories we had create from PJ.
Yes! I will!

Dah la tu..
-mana teqeyak pon-
Munet kan sekuat tabah!


H Y D E said...
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H Y D E said...

munet.. munet..

tahu kan, munet ni kuat? tak kuat pun, kena kuat jugak ok!

p/s : comey la pulak gambar munet yang terakhir tu :)

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munet said...

huhuhuhuh abam naim, sedihnya..

H Y D E said...

awat sedih sedih ulak ni.. tak mau down ok? abang naim tengok life munet fine ja... (mata kasaq)

ain dzaya said...

xtivenye bersilat :)