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Thursday, June 17, 2010


"Give me some sunshines,
Give me some rains
Give me another chance, 
I wanna grow up once again"

sounds like tak tahu bersyukur..
haila munet...

The freedom of opinion and thought...It is not only a right but a duty for everyone to think and contemplate.
Within its command for people to think, Islam admits that they may make mistakes, and they should not be blamed for them.
Rasullullah saw admitted the right of someone to make mistake when he said,

"If a mujtahid gives a decision after having tried his best to decide correctly and is right, there are two rewards for him; and if hr gives a judgement after having tried his best (to arrive at the correct decision) but errs, there is one reward for him" 

(agreed upon) there is no system in the world which encourages people to think and rewards them even if they are wrong except Islam. 
This is why islam has got different school  of jurispurdence, tafsir, etc.

p/s: Oh Allah, my Lord, i'm very thankful being ur slave!

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