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Saturday, April 3, 2010

definisi hepi=)

people always make me laugh
i always make others laugh...

is it a compliment??
i thought that i'm happy enough if i can laugh
the happiest life
only if we do practice  Islam way
no use to wear tudung if do not perform solat
it's a waist  if do solat but do not cover your aurah
and everything
to be the happiest hamba Allah
i have to take care of everything!!
just like what had been ruled in Quran

ya Allah...
it's easy to just type or talk
i'm not the one that are so so baek
guide me Ya Allah

clap your hand
ask your Iman

The Great
i miss You 
make me near to You

i know that i'm not a good muslimah enough
so, please guide me
please ya Allah
i'm really, really determined 
i'd just finished reading VERSUS written by Hlovate
seriously to said that
this novel influenced a lot
the language was very lalalalaa
the storyline was organised well
the contents really, really make me wanna to change
this novel reflect me a lot
it's so hard to be baek!!
as we always heard..
''....better late than never..''
''...never late to be better..''
there's always a way if there's a will!!

1 comment:

munet said...

waist = waste!!!
wahhh.. puas pusing pala tadi pkiq camna nak eja...